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More Bali furniture set up!!

It was James b-day this past weekend so we helped him celebrate it in style!!! We joined him at the Evergreen Outdoors Staff Party at the Mominoki Hotel and then later surprised him in costumes as "J's Angels" with birthday presents in hand.... t'was great fun!!!! I will be doing snowshoe and x-country ski tours with Evergreen and Sweet Riders this year.....stay tuned for the upcoming schedule!!!!!!!

The next day, I spent cleaning up outside and inside of the house. Trying to get everything ready before the real snow falls......and also getting my last bit of Bali furniture all set up. Here are my new cabinet, mirror and lamps. Last, but not least, a little bit of Xmas spirit......
Christmas is getting closer, and I am getting busier as usual with xmas parties and the such. Next weekend off to Tokyo for business and some pleasure mixed.

Hope you had a superb weekend!!!!

A Great Sunday!!

Today I went riding with some friends to show them the trails of San Osaka...what a day.. and what a ride. Sliding around in the snow was great fun .....just enough to make it a bit more of a challenge. No serious crashes, just some great laughs and slips along the way. Thanks for coming out Kris, Ian, Andrew, Peter and Katie!! Good times......

After the ride, us girls headed out on a photo shoot session. We had to take advantage of the great weather and the fact that we have Sarah back with us! Sarah, being the great photographer that she is, took some head shots for the upcoming Sweet Riders flyer ......a great afternoon spent with the girls....nice!!!!

Check out Sarah's website here....for more of my photo's of today click here.....

My New Bali Furniture and Fireplace...

NewSR's bar
My furniture just arrived from Bali!!!!! So stoked....was a hard weekend of moving and unpacking...but had some great friends help me out...thank you.. you know who are!!!! I also came across a brand new second hand fireplace and picked it up for a great price....but it won't be installed till next season...due to lack of cash.....hahahhah...but I really experienced some "Pay It Forward" goodness this weekend.....I am so's really nice to know that still really exists....!!!!!!!! Check it out all here!!!