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Fujimi in the rain.....

Nothing like getting down and dirty....
no need for special mud masks when you have a natural one .......
Just like the old days.. hey Aya????
Yeah.... Abe San and Aya... we had a great day and a some great runs......was raining the perfect amount to still be able to have some fun......later on it poured..... cats and dogs.... so we finally gave up.... rainy season in Japan.. gotta love it!!!!!!

Sleep Cycle app on my iphone....

Check this out after last night's all nighter to stay up for the game I slept like a log the next night..... hahah!!

World Cup Soccer

Soccer World Cup has been upon us and since I don't have a tv, I haven't really been catch many games, but I did catch the Japan VS Denmark at 3am in the morning....and I was so glad that I stayed up because it was a rad game... Japan played so friend and I lucked out and got into a private party at the local Hamburger joint in Matsumoto. It happened to be the owner's birthday as well so it was a double celebration... the energy of the night was incredible.... I was so happy to be part of it. T'was a great night!! More soccer to come... GO JAPAN!!
A dedicated fan just before the game started.....
Half time shot.....
after the game....we won!!!! with super great goals as well.... Yeah Japan!!!!!!
The post game sunrise.... it was so beautiful....

Thanx Jeff!

Thanks Jeff for the great video and great write up.. was a great day and you guys really rocked!!!! I am putting up your links here.. cheers...check this link out!!!


SR's One day locals clinic...

Well despite the clouds and the light rain, we had a great day and just finished the clinic before it really started to downpour...Jeff and Tim are locals here in Hakuba, Jeff working at the Hakuba Springs Hotel, and Tim is living here with his family running the Bear's Den Lodge. They both wanted to learn how to ride mountain bikes since there is a growing number of mountain bikers living and riding in the Hakuba area. Both first timers on the trail.. they did a great job!!! No doubt two new Hakuba MTB'ers have been born...well done guys and welcome to the MTB WORLD!!! See you on the trails.....

Here is a little video of today's clinic......

More clinic dates!!

Upcoming clinics!!
June 18th, one day beginner clinic in Hakuba..10am-14:00pm for ¥6000

June 25th, 26th free ride tour days...10:30am - 13:30pm, in Hakuba for ¥6000

July 24-25th two day intensive Mtb clinic in Hakuba, hosted by Morino Lodge for two days of instruction, 2 lunches, a BBQ, and a breakfast, plus great prizes from our sponsors for ¥20000

all prices include insurance
to register please contact us at

Back in action!!

Since cracking my shoulder two weeks ago the doctor said I was ok to go if I taped my shoulder, so did that and off Ya-Chan and I went to Fujimi. Met some friends there and had a killer morning.. shoulder seemed back in the saddle.... YEAH!!!!