May Evening Skill Sessions!

Session one (May 2nd) of five was successful last Tuesday with going over Neutral Position, Ready Position/State, Braking, Practicing Neutral position in the pump track, and some fun on Little Shred Riding Hood! Session Two (May 9th) will consist of Ratching, Riding Straight Lines, Tight turns, small circles, Rock Dodge and Switchbacks and time permitted a ride to the water tower. Session Three (May 16th) will cover Shifting, Climbing (Seated, Standing and Crouched), Climbing Dismount, Descending, Descending Dismount. Session Four (May 23rd) will cover Basic Front & Rear Wheel Lifts, Front to Rear lift, level lift , Rear Wheel lift to the side, Riding over logs , Roll Down Lunges, and some trail riding if time permits. Lastly, Session Five (May 30th) will consist of Manual front wheel lifts and some trail time. Sign up here!

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